David's Proclivity
Excellent wines for everyday
David likes a nice white, but really tries to have a glass of red every day. Of course a pretty blush is fun with certain foods, but he is really frugal so finding good wines for everyday, whatever the color, at sensible prices is his pursuit.
Packages from $39
Up to 40% off
Micah's Indulgence
the best of the best
Micah has been selecting superb wines since an age he'd prefer not to admit. From the time he could swirl a wine glass, he has preferred first growths and private reserves. His selection includes some of the finest wines in the world.
12, 6 or 3 bottles
Up to 40% off
Janice's Style
quality, brand and a deal
Janice, being a New Yorker (by way of Pittsburgh), maintains a certain style. She prefers wines with reputation and breeding, but likes to keep the pricing old fashioned: wines that will keep up with posh Manhattanites without the pricetag.
Packages from $70
Up to 40% off
a classic fortified wine
Port is the grandfather of dessert wine. Modernity has come to the Douro Valley - the barcos rabelos have been retired, the river is dotted with hydroelectric dams and the vineyards are highly managed...All with good results.
Always changing
Up to 40% off
Kelly's Specials
tasting her way through the world
Kelly has some defined tastes and is not bound by traditional rules. Anything could be here. A juicy, fun Spanish red. A peppy Piquepoul. A deep, broody California Cabernet. Kelly's Specials are just that: special finds at special prices.
bottles from $9
Up to 40% off
Single effervescent bottles
Lively wines with lots of bubbly personality. French Champagne. Italian Prosecco. Spanish Cava. No matter where in the world they hail from, they love to mingle and prefer to be at the center of attention.
As low as $22
Up to 40% off
Fiano Greco
Mtn Cuvee
Pinot Noir
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