1. Why the name Accidental Wine?
We kept generating endless names for our "wine with blemished labels company"...like Treasure Hunt Wines, Net Bin, Disturbia Wines, etc. Nothing clicked until Micah was stuck on the 405 freeway one day (not unusual) because of an accident...and click click...Accidental Wine was born.

2. How stained or blemished are the labels?
Most of the time the labels mishaps will go unnoticed. If a case is accidentally dropped, only a neighboring bottle or two will be stained. Sometimes the label may be crooked, nicked or torn. We once saw a bottle of Mouton-Rothschild where the importer had placed their regulatory label right on top of the nifty Raymond Savignac artwork. The wine was excellent.

3. Why are the wines randomly selected?
Accidents happen every day and we never know what we'll find when we buy. We do know there are plenty of wines for us to choose for your tasting pleasure. The specific varietals, wines from a certain regions or the quantity of one brand versus another is unpredictable but we are pretty picky and discerning and choose our wines to insure you get the best quality and value that will put a smile on your face.

4. Can I select my wines by region, or varietals or by brand?
We will try to accommodate your specific preferences whenever possible. Just let us know by contacting us by email or calling us with your request. And remember, if you prefer to wait, we will take care of your special request as soon as possible.

5. I really liked a specific bottle of wine from my order, is it possible to buy more of it?
If the wine is in stock, we can get more of your favorites. Just let us know and we'll search it out for availability.
There is a minimum 6 bottle purchase requirement since these bottles will be from the regular stock.

6. Will I still get the Accidental price if I re-order on a wine I really liked ?
Accidental prices are specially discounted due to the blemishes on the labels.
For re-orders, we will get you the best possible price and give you a quote.

7. Do you have monthly wine clubs?
There are monthly wine clubs we call Subscriptions. The wine offerings are the same Accidental Wine product groupings i.e. David, Janice, Micah, Petunia, Obsessions, etc. The big difference is the convenience. You will receive wine at your doorstep every month. The even bigger difference is you will get an extra 5% savings on top of our already discounted wines.

8. When can I expect to receive my order?
Based on ground shipping and your location ( we are located in CA), your orders will be delivered within 5-10 days. Delivery to your doorstep.

9. What if my wine is bad or damaged in shipment?
If your wine has been corked or oxidized, contact us immediately. Please keep the wine and cork, as a return by California state law. A refund or replacement will be provided based on receipt of the bottle of wine.

10. Refunds
We will credit your account or credit card if damage of wine was due to shipping. Please note we are not responsible for wines that may be affected by extreme weather (hot & cold). We highly recommend selecting 2 day ground or air shipment for these situations. See shipping page.

11. What if I'm not around when product is delivered?
Recipient must be 21 years or older to receive package. If no one is available on day of delivery, FedEx will leave message to arrange a delivery time or leave it at the door. We recommend sending wine to business address if no one will be at home during daytime delivery hours from 9-5pm.

12. Is it possible to send Accidental Wines as a gift?
Yes. We have two options:
1) A Wine Club Subscription with a minimum 3 month participation.
2) Any of our wine offering groups at prices to meet everyone's budget.

13. I want to send wine to a friend in a State you can't ship to, what can I do?
We suggest a location where it is acceptable to receive wine; contact us and we'll try to help you out.

14. How do I contact you if I can't find an answer to my questions?
Send us an e-mail or give us a call at 323-269- WINE (9463)

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